On this page I want to share all the news of cattery van Didero of 2011

*For Molly we have a beautifull combi. Molly will be mate with Yogi vom Kupferstich. Yes Yogi is the brother of our Fire. Only Yogi is a longhair male and is genetish choc carrier cinnamon. We hope that Molly and Yogi will give me my first cinnamon kittens.

*On 12-12-2012 are Molly and Zazou tested negative for HCM by Dr. Ingrid Putcuyps.

*Today 20-01-2012 is Gucci re-test on HCM and she is negative.

*Today the DNA test come. Yum-yum and Zinzi are B/b (genetisch zwart carrier of choc) Zazou is b/b1 (genetisch choc carrier of cinnamon).

*Gucci give birht to 4 lovely baby's. The pictures of the kittens are on the page kittens.

*Still 2 weeks and then we expect the baby's of Gucci. Also is Tina pregnant and her baby's will be born around end october.

*02-09-2011 We have today receive the DNA test of Kiss. Kiss is carrier of the cinnamon gen. The bloodtype is A.

*Also we have new pictures of Why Not en What Else. Rianne thank you very mach for the beautiful pictures

Why Not van Didero ( Tygo)

What Else van Didero ( Dexter )

* 01-08-2011. Neelah is for the 4 time tested negative for HCM and Tina is tested the first time negative for HCM. It was a good day for our cats.

*We have new pictures of Duncan Mac Leod van Didero. He is a son of Joy-ya and Kane.


*Today juli the 6 we have test Camellio and Fire on HCM. Both are negative and have very good heart. Also the cat of me mother ( Jade ) is negative tested.

*Hurray Luna is pregnant. Luna and Fire had a few romantic days and ther baby's will be born around 27 august.

*Proud we let you see pictures that are sent by now onwners. This is Travis van Didero and he is from 13 may 2009. Nel thank your very mach for this nice pitures.


*24 may 2011 the first baby's ( for me ) from Fire and Neelah are born. Pictures of the kittens are on there on page KITTENS

*Today we went to Ingrid Putcuyps with oure cats for the HCM test. Kane is for the 4 time test negative. Luna ( Kane his dother) had her 1 HCM test and was also negative. My mother had Heaven ( the mother Dee-Jay ) and Gamesh, and they are both negative tested. It is very fine to now that oure loved cats are for the moment clear of HCM.

*We had today february 13 the show in Fijnaart. Kane had his last CACIB and had a BIV and BIS. Joy-ya had also her last CACIB and a BIV and BIS. Neelah had her second CACIB. Fire had also his last CAC and is now Champion. We plan in the future a new show for Neelah because she need still 1 CACIB.

*We plan a next show on february 13 in Fijnaart. That show we bring Kane, Joy-ya and Neelah out for their CACIB. We hope for a nice day and that the cats have their titles.

*We had a very good showday last january 23. Kane had his second CACIB. Joy-ya had 2 x a CACIB and a BIS. Neelah had her last CAC and her first CACIB and also a BIS. Camellio had a U1 and a BIS.

*On januari 21 Joy-ya is again tested negative for HCM. We are very happy with the results. When Joy-ya has her heat she will be mate with Fire.



Cattery van Didero