Molly her baby's are born



















In the night of 4 july 2017, the baby's are born. Molly and here baby's are making very good.

All kittens are carrier of odd eye and longhair.



Hello I am Gio
I am a choc white male




Hello I am Grey
I am a lilac male




Hello I am Gino
I am a cinnamon male




Hello I am Gin-Gi
I am a cinnamon red female




Hello I am Ginger
I am a cinnamon red female



All about buying a kitten of our cattery and what you can expect from our kittens
* When you are interested in one of our kittens after seeing our site, you are always free to cantact us by mail of telephone
* We will not sell a kitten without a visite before. This way you can see the kitten in real and see if the love is coming from two sides.
* We do not sell if the kitten will be free to walk outside. A garden that is protected or a outdooroom is perfect to give the cats their fresh air.
* All the kittens will be treated several times against worms with Banminth.
* Our kittens will be vaccinated twice against Feline Calici/Rinotracheďtis and Feline Panleucenia
* Kittens can move at the age of 13 weeks, they will be completed checked by our vet and declared healthy.
* We only breed with healthy HCM and PKD tested lines.
* We are a breeder-member of the BCC.
* The price of a kitten is € 800 incl. castration. For breeders there are other prices.
* All the kittens get a nice parcel with food, catplays and a cd with all the photo's from the first three months.



Cattery van Didero